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10 August 2009 @ 01:13 pm
HELLO :) More VOBS available here :)

Tommy 2002, Amstetten
Elisabeth 2008, Berlin
Hair 2009.03.19, Broadway Revival 
Stralight Express 2003, Philadelphia
Stralight Express 1998, México
Cabaret, 2006.11.04, London
RENT 2009.03.14, San Diego
Barbarella 2005.01.01, Vienna
Rocky Horror Show 2009.04.26, Vienna
Les Misérables 2008.05.17, Philadelphia
Martin Guerre 1997.04.24, London
Phantom Of The Opera 2004.05.23, Stuttgart
West Side Story 2009.02.23, Broadway Revival
Evita 2006, Baden
Olliver 1996, Malta
Cats 1991, México
Dracula 2007, Graz
Jekyll & Hyde 2008, Dresden

hit me a line :) ichbleibeinwien@hotmail.com
13 January 2009 @ 06:16 pm

Just reminding you of my list, let me know if you want anything please :D


e-mail me: ichbleibeinwien@hotmail.com

Have a great day all of you :D
28 September 2008 @ 10:07 am
I had to...

I finally got myself to ask myself (yeah, tough) "Boy, what you think you're doing the rest of your life?" I am sadly, not in a place anymore where I could tell myself to fuck off or just get distracted by listening to a wonderful rendition of "Stars", even though I still do that, it just doesn't work.

So I laid down my cards, the ones I care about and decided to prepare myself ftu audition next year for the Wien Konservatorium, people I've told call it an "adventure", let me tell you, nothing fun in getting up at 5:30 to spend all morning getting phisically prepared to face the rest of the day.

I hate acting like one of those dumb blondes in Hollywood movies :( "Should I or should I not eat that delicious sweet" in the end, I spend so much time debating about useless issues, that hey! It is 5:30 am again.

But I am happy nonetheless :) I think the first few steps are tough, and I'm exceeding expectations. Believe it or not my father expected me to fail by now haha, meh... Just another brick in the wall...

I am horrorized by the murders in Michoacan. Every day there's a new reason to feel I am losing my country, every day I care less and it hurts a little bit more. I figured is best not to mourn just yet, but that does not mean I am abandoning my country... Does it?

Ahhh that last line takes me back to the good old times, when the world could fit in a Heineken and all you needed was Dave Mustaine randomly throwing shit. There usually comes a time when you don't ask questions anymore... You just stand aside... But what else can you do? The last man to care for freedom, life and the virtues every one has to offer turned out to be the biggest disapointment... Oooh... that's how a heart break feels...

I was talking to a friend, she's in the "Facultad de Filosofía y Letras" and she was saying how we are losing our languages a little bit more every time we use "u" instead of "you". She's right, but man sometimes I can't even find the damn Y...

This is quite relaxing, I think I'll be keeping a nice online diary...

Well, until the next time I don't know what else to do :)
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28 September 2008 @ 01:40 am
Hi :D

I started with DVD's a month ago or so and I am kinda proud of every DVD in it :)



contact me if you're interested in anything :)

aaaand :)

Les Misérables 2005.07.12 West End Cast for you guys :)


thanks :D
18 July 2008 @ 05:13 pm
Hi, just putting this out...

I have uploaded VOBS for the Les Mis DVD 2007.08.24
Drew Sarich (Valjean), Rob Hunt (Javert), Nikki Renee Daniels (Fantine), Max Von Essen (Enjolras), Adam Jacobs (Marius)

it's two discs, if anybody wants to trade for it, now it's the time haha, since I am looking to build up a decent DVD collection I'll trade it for almost anything.

If anyone is interested please e-mail me kiske_rose@hotmail.com

Have a nice day everyone
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14 June 2008 @ 10:42 am
Hi! :) Hope everybody is having a nice weekend

So, I am looking to start a decent DVD collection, but the problem is I don't have much to offer, and I am located in an awful place to ship internationally.

I am thinking I could do VOB's, and I would love that! Haha, well, if you decide to contact me we can talk this privately.

My super small DVD list contains:

Les Misérables
- ·         1989.01.26 Sydney Cast
Normie Rowe, John Diedrich, Debbie Byrne, Marina Prior, Peter Cousens, Laura Hamilton, Anthony Warlow, Bill Zappa, Robyn Arthur

-         2007.02.17 Broadway Revival Cast

Alexander Gemignani (Valjean), Norm Lewis (Javert), Daphne Rubin Vega (Fantine), Adam Jacobs (Marius), Drew Sarich (u/s Enjolras)

 -         2007.08.24 Broadway Revival Cast
Drew Sarich (Valjean) Rob Hunt (Javert) Nikki Renee Daniels (Fantine)

Jesus Christ Superstar

  - 2002 Bad Hersfeld Cast
Yngve Gasoy-Romdal (Jesus), Nigel Casey (Judas), Anna Montanaro (Mary)

And I remember having VOB's for Lestat

So, please, if you are interested at all, or if you would like to trade for audios, online videos or any other suttf listed at my website, contact me kiske_rose@hotmail.com

Performers I like:

Drew Sarich

Ann Mandrella

Steve Balsamo

Ruthie Henshall

Frances Rufelle

Yngve Gasoy Romdal

Anthony Warlow

Rob Hunt

and so on haha, I would like Chess, Elisabeth, Tanz Der Vampires, Hair, Lap Dog And Wild Cat, JCS, Les Mis, Lestat, Dracula, Jekyll and Hyde

Here is my list:  www.freewebs.com/cartman24601

Oh and since you made it to the bottom of the message, here are some gifts :)

1. Jesus Christ Superstar OBC http://www.megaupload.com/?d=URS55WAR
2. Jerome Pradon - Crime Of Passion http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LOT3GTM1
3. Tick... Tick... Boom London 2005 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MVODCUQ6

Enjoy :)

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07 June 2008 @ 12:15 am
So... I'm looking for Lestat, Elisabeth, Tanz Der Vampires and Phantom Of The Opera

My list is right here www.freewebs.com/cartman24601

aaand just 3 gifts today kids:

Beauty And The Beast 1998 German Soundtrack http://www.megaupload.com/?d=U7Y134GT

The Little Mermaid 2006 Concept Album http://www.megaupload.com/?d=L0VV6MD4

Lord Of The Rings 2008 London Recording http://www.megaupload.com/?d=T25NU7Q8

ahh... what the hell!

Les Misérables 2002.04.30 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=D5JLMMI5

Please, e-mail me at kiske_rose@hotmail.com if you wanna trade for any of the shows I mentioned, thanks
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Yeah... I'm not Javert :( I wish I was though, I'd look cool with those sideburns...

anyway, here's my list, hope you people can find something and we can trade :)




A Tale Of Two Cities

1999 Original Concept Recording Cast


Across The Universe

2007 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Paul David Hewson, Joe Cocker, Elliot Goldenthal, Eddie Izzard, Timothy T. Mitchum, Jim Sturgess, Carol Woods, Joe Anderson, Dana Fuchs, Lisa Hogg, Martin Luther, Evan Rachel Wood


2000 Original Broadway Cast
Heather Headley, Adam Pascal, Sherie Rene Scott, John Hickok, Damian Perkins, Schele Williams


2003 Original Mexican Recording Cast
Rodrigo Colsa, Jimena Mirabent, Cristina Obregón


2004 Vienna Cast. April 16th
Nina Proll (Barbarella), Eva Maria Marold (Black Queen), Mark Seibert (Pygar), Drew Sarich (Sun/Master Locksmith), Andreas Bieber (Victor), Siegmar Tonk (Duran), Fabian Aloise & Philip Ranson (Two Beings) 

Beauty And The Beast


1994 Original Broadway Recording Cast
Kenny Raskin, Bruke Moses, Terrence Mann, Heath Lamberts, Susan Egan, Gary Beach , Brian Press, Barbara Marineau, Stacey Logan, Beth Fowler, Tom Bosley


1998 Original German Recording Cast
Anne Tiger Days, Rainer Schmitt, Kenneth Posey, Anne Mandrella, Horst Krüger, Viktor Gernot, Leah Delos Santos, Frances Chiapetta, Deborah Shrimpton, Tersia Potgieter, Mark André Pingul, Uwe Kröger, Cristina Grimanldi, Peter Faerber, Marc G. Dalio, Werner Bauer


2002.03.20 Dublin Cast


2007.07.29 Broadway Cast, Closing Night
Steve Blanchard (Beast), Anneliese van der Pol (Belle), Donny Osmond (Gaston), David DeVries (Lumiere), Anne Mandrella (Babette), Jeanne Lehman, Glenn Rainey, Jamie Ross, Trevor Braun, Aldrin Gonzalez, Mary Stout.  
Final performance Includes speeches.  Donny came back to the show for the final show to play Gaston.

1998 Tour Cast, February 26th
1983 Vienna Cast Recording
Valda Aviks, Steve Barton, Buenaventura Braunstein, Calvann Cole, Laszlo Czergezan, Martina Dorak, David Forman, Gregory Jones, Ute Lemper, Elizabeth Mills, Robert Montano, Stefan Nagel, Valentin Baraian, Gordon Bovinet, Jutta Bryde, Lynnda Curry, F. Dion Davis, Laura Edmunds, Michael Howe, Joachim Kemmer, Pamela Liebig, Angelika Milster, Andrew Morris

2001 Danish Tour
Stig Rossen, Emma Kershaw, Zubin Varla, Michael Cormick, Simon Clark, Gunilla Backman, James Graeme
Der Glöckner Von Notre Dame
1999 Original German Cast Recording
Dessa Rosse 
2005 Off-Broadway Cast
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
2005 Original Broadway Recording Cast
Andrew Asnes, Roxane Barlow, Norbert Leo Butz, Stephen Campanella, Joe Cassidy, Julie Connors, Jeremy Davis, Rachel deBenedet, Laura Marie Duncan, Sally Mae Dunn, Tom Galantich, Sara Gettelfinger, Jason Gillman, Joanna Gleason, Nina Goldman, Greg Graham, Amy Heggins, Gregory Jbara, Grasan Kingsberry, Gina Lamparella, Fred Lassen, John Lithgow, Michael Paternostro, Rachelle Rak, Sherie Rene Scott
2003 Donaulinselfest
2005 June 16th, St. Gallen
Drew Sarich (Dracula) Ann Christin Elverum (Mina Harker) Jesper Tydén (Jonathan Harker)
2006 Original Concept Recording Cast
Christiane Noll, Alice Ripley, Coleen Sexton, Douglas Sills, Chuck Wagner

1992 Original Vienna Recording Cast
Andreas Bieber, Ethan Freeman, Uwe Kröger, Pia Douwes, Viktor Gernot

1979 Original Broadway Recording Cast
Bob Gunton, Mandy Patinkin, Patti LuPone, Jane Ohringer, Mark Syers


1980 Original Spanish Recording Cast
Miguel Angel Villalba, Luis Tornin, Richard Steinberg, Paloma San Basilio, Alvaro Ruiz Jr, Vjokko Pitkanen, Blanquita Patino, Tony Landa, Angel Gonazlo, Clemente Gimenez, Miguel Angel Elejalde, Ana de Villalba, Tony Curz, Julio Catania, Alberto Bas, Tomas Alfonso, Montserrat Vega, Sonia Suarez, Luna Setebaranz, Marisa Ruz, Eduardo Lopz Pons, Roy Patterson, Teresa Pajares, Alicia Gonzalez, Luis Gomez, Gisela Fiorone, Juan Pedro del Rosario, Josefina de la Torre, Fernando Cejalvo, Nadine Boisaubert, Patxi Andión, Jose Manuel Aguirre


1995 Nederlandse Cast
Bill van Dijk, Frans Limburg, Jeroen Phaff, Marc Dollevoet, Jan Goossens, Ineke van Klinken, Reinbert Martijn, Lizzy Nejkov, Yona Perez, Pieter Ruigrok van der Werve, Stephen Stephanou, Carel Swagerman, Michiel Verkoren, Pia Douwes, Marleen van der Loo, Chantal Boekdrukker, Paul Erkamp, Evelyn Kallansee, Rhoda Kosten, Tony Neef, Rieneke Nunen, Rolf van Rijsbergen. Meike Staring, Peter Stoelhorst, Etienne Sybesma

1999 20th Anniversary Cast
Raul Esparza, Natalie Toro, Raymond Jaramilla MacLeod, Angela Covington, Tom Flynn


2006 London Cast Recording
Lorna Want, Sarah Ryan, Matt Rawle, Mark Powell, Peter North, Aoife Nally, Gary Milner, Jackie Marks, Halcro Johnston, Mark Heenehan, Emma Harris, Kevin Curtin, Greg Castiglioni, Paul Basleigh, Carlotta Saxton, Elena Roger, Philip Quast, Adam Pearce, Stuart Neal, Tim Morgan, Kirsty Mather, Pip Jordan, Jodie Jacobs, Tanyel Hassan, Ashley Day, Madeline Castrey, Leila Benn Harris

2007 Broadway Revival Recording Cast
Susan Blommaert, Stephen R. Buntrock, Daniel Everidge, Josh Franklin, Natalie Hill, Matthew Hydzik, Laura Osnes, Jenny Powers, Jose Restrepo, Jamison Scott, Christina Sivrich, Anna Aimee White, Ryan Patrick Binder, Jeb Brown, Max Crumm, Allison Fischer, Cody Green, Robyn Hurder, Lindsay Mendez, Emily Padgett, Keven Quillon, Matthew Saldivar, Brian Sears, Amber Stone, Kirsten Wyatt
2001 Vienna Revival Recording Cast
Cedric Lee Bradley, Michelle Cornelius, Sigalit Feig, Diana Hamill, Karen Henry, Kyrre Kvam, Sabine Mayer, Eric Minsk, Dave Moskin, Kudra Owens, Pehton D. Quirante, Drew Sarich, Mandy Sheehy, Simon Williams, Emma Chapman, Simon Eichenberger, Ruben Gabira, Christa Helige, Sheila Marie Kasey, Michelle Marier, Susa Meyer, Ilse La Monaca, aRamesh Nair, Robin Poell, Philip Ranson, Steven Seale, Ronnie Wagner, Vicky Van Zijl
2001 Vienna Revival Live Cast
Cedric Lee Bradley, Michelle Cornelius, Sigalit Feig, Diana Hamill, Karen Henry, Kyrre Kvam, Sabine Mayer, Eric Minsk, Dave Moskin, Kudra Owens, Pehton D. Quirante, Drew Sarich, Mandy Sheehy, Simon Williams, Emma Chapman, Simon Eichenberger, Ruben Gabira, Christa Helige, Sheila Marie Kasey, Michelle Marier, Susa Meyer, Ilse La Monaca, aRamesh Nair, Robin Poell, Philip Ranson, Steven Seale, Ronnie Wagner, Vicky Van Zijl
Unknown Date Actors Benefit Fund Recording 
Unknown Date Broadway Live Cast
Hedwig And The Angry Inch
2002 Berlin Cast
Drew Sarich, Vera Bolten
I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change
2002 Original Broadway Recording Cast
Melissa Weil, Robert Roznowski, Jennifer Simard, Danny Burstein
Jacques Brel Is Still Alive And Well And Living In Paris
2007.06.30 Off-Broadway Cast  
Robert Cuccioli, Natascia Diaz, Ann Mandrella, Drew Sarich, Gay Marshall
Jekyll And Hyde
1997 Original Broadway Cast
Robert Cuciolli, Linda Eder, David Chaney, Leah Hocking
2000 Bremen Cast
Darius Merstein (Jekyll / Hyde), Maricel (Lucy) 
2000.08.16 Broadway Cast
Sebastian Bach (Jekyll /Hyde)  
2001 Spanish Recording Cast
Guillermo Antonini, Eva Diago, Margarita Marbán, Raphael, Enrique Sequero, Paco Arrojo, Raquel Grijalba, Noemi Mazoi,Marta Ribera, Luis Amando

2003.12.29 Vienna Cast
Drew Sarich, Anna Montanaro, Nicle Seeger
2006 Resurrection Cast
Brandi Burkhardt, Kate Shindle, Rob Evan

Jesus Christ Superstar
1970 Original Concept Album
Ian Gillian (Jesus) / Murray Head (Judas) / Yvonne Elliman (Mary) / Barry Dennen (Pilate)
1971 101 Strings
Various Artists

1971 Original Broadway Cast (Highlights)
Jeff Fenholt (Jesus) / Ben Vereen (Judas) / Yvonne Elliman (Mary) / Barry Dennen (Pilate)

1971 Second Eagle Live at The Bayou
Carl Anderson (Jesus, Judas, Simon, Pilate), Second Eagle Band

1972 Original Brazilian Cast
Gesio Amadeu, Vic Barone, Jarbas Braga, Lenah Braga

1972 Original French Cast
Daniel Barretta (Jesus) / Farid Dali (Judas) / Anne Marie David (Mary) / Michael Zacha (Pilate)

1972 Soul Cast
Sammy Turner (Jesus) / Sam Taylor (Judas) / Jaye Kennedy (Mary) / J. D. Byant (Simon)

1973 Original German Cast
Reiner Schone (Jesus) / Oliver Tobias (Judas) / Paula Roy (Mary) / Savin Sutter (Pilate)
1973 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Ted Neeley (Jesus) / Carl Anderson (Judas) / Yvonne Elliman (Mary) / Barry Dennen (Pilate)

1975 Original Mexican Cast
Enrique Del Olmo (Jesus) / Jorge Abraham (Judas) / Julissa (Mary) / Luis Torner (Pilate)

1977 Original Spanish Cast
Camilo Sesto (Jesus) / Teddy Bautista (Judas) / Angela Carrasco (Mary) / Alfonso Nadal (Pilate)

1984 Hungary (Highlights)
Sasvari Sandor (Jesus) / Makrai Pal (Judas) / Nagy Aniko (Mary) / Vikidal Gyula (Pilate)
1984 Madrid Revival Recording Cast
Pablo Abraira (Jesus) / Pedro Ruy Blas (Judas) / Estibaliz (Mary)
1987 Hungarian Cast
Sasvari Sandor (Jesus) / Makrai Pal (Judas) / Mary (Nagy Anikó or Fesüs Nelly)

1991 Hungarian Cast
Szomor György( Jesus u/s) / Hommonnay Zsolt (Judas) / Nagy Aniko (Mary)
1992 Australian Revival Cast
John Farnham (Jesus) / (Jon Stevens) / Kate Ceberano (Mary) / John Waters (Pilate)

1992 European Tour Cast (Vienna 07-06)
Brad Little (Jesus) / Gerard Lebeda (Judas) / Jennifer Laura Thompson (Mary)
1993 St. Petersburg Cast
Vladimir Dyadenistov / (Jesus) Raf Kashapov (Judas) / Alla Kozhevnikova (Mary)
1994 Czech Cast
Kamil Strihvaka (Jesus) / Daniel Barta (Judas) / Bara Basikova (Mary) / Ales Brichta (Pilate)

1994 Original New Zealand Cast
Darryl Lovegrowe (Jesus) / Jay Laga’aia (Judas) / Margaret Ulrich (Mary) / George Henare (Pilate)

1995 AD Tour 07.15
Ted Neeley (Jesus) / Carl Anderson (Judas) / Christine Rea (Mary) / Jason Raize (Pilate)

1995 This Jesus Must Die Cast

1996 London Revival Recording Cast
Steve Balsamo (Jesus) / Zubin Varla (Judas) / Joanna Ampil (Mary) / David Burt (Pilate)
1997 Hungarian Cast
CSengeri ATtila (Jesus) / Földes Tamás (Judas)

1997 London Lyceum Live Last Night
Steve Balsamo (Jesus) / Zubin Varla (Judas) / Joanna Ampil (Mary) / David Burt (Pilate)

1998 Nyack, New York Cast
Billy Porter (Jesus) / Drew Sarich (Judas) / Emily Skinner (Mary)

2000 Broadway – 25/03/2000
Glenn Carter (Jesus) / Manoel Feliciano (u/s Judas) / Maya Days (Mary) / Kevin Gray (Pilate)

2000 Harvard School Cast
Geoffrey Fowler (Jesus) / Ryan Shrime (Judas) / Emily Chang (Mary)
2000 Hungarian Cast
Csengeri Attila (Jesus) / Fésüs Nelly (Mary)
2000 INHUMYC University Cast
Dario Balandrano (Jesus) / Horacio Cervantes (Judas) / Rosa Salinas (Mary)
2000 Italian Cast
Paride Acacia (Jesus) / Edigio La Gioia (Judas) Olivia Cinquemani (Mary) / Carl Anderson (Special Guest)

2000 New Stage Production
Glenn Carter (Jesus) / Jerome Pradon (Judas) /  Renee Castle (Mary) / Fred Johanson (Pilate)

2001 Alternate Mexican Cast
Alirio Netto (Jesus) / Federico Di Lorenzo (Judas) / Lolita Cortés (Mary) / Luis René Aguirre (Pilate)

2001 Hungarian Cast
Szomor György (Jesus) / Makrai Pal (Judas) / Nagy Anikó (Mary)

2001 Mexican Revival Recording (INCOMPLETE)
Fazio Galván (Jesus) / Erick Rubin (Judas) / Lolita Cortés (Mary) / Juan Navarro (Pilatos)

2003 Bad Hersfeld Cast
Yngve Gasoy-Romdal (Jesus) / Nigel Casey (Judas) / Anna Montanaro (Mary) / Jimmie Earl Perry (Pilate)
2003 North American Cast
Erick Kunze (Jesus) / Lawrence Clayton (Judas) / Natalie Toro (Mary) / Stephen Breithaupt (Pilate)

2003 North American Cast, New Orleans
Sebastian Bach (Jesus) / Carl Anderson (Judas) / Natalie Toro (Mary) / Stephen Breithaupt (Pilate)

2004 JKSZ Szeged Cast
2004 Passau Concert Cast
Drew Sarich (Jesus) / Serkan Kaya (Judas) / Marjan Shaki (Mary) / Andre Baner (Pilate)

2005 Amstetten Cast
Steven Seale (Jesus) / Drew Sarich (Judas) / Kudra Owens (Mary) / Rob Fowler (Pilate)
2005 North American Tour Cast, Denver
Erick Kunze (Jesus) / Lawrence Clayton (Judas) / Natalie Toro (Mary) / Stephen Breithaupt (Pilate)
2005 NYK 2K5
Mike Farachi (Jesus) / Timothy Quinlan (Judas) / Bridget Beirne (Mary) / Jay Pierce (Pilate)

2005 Vienna Concert Cast
Drew Sarich (Jesus) / Serkan Kaya (Judas) / Claudia Stangl (Mary) / Andre Bauer (Pilate)

2005 Volendammer Cast
Edwin Zwarthoed (Jesus) / Jan Dulles (Judas) / Martine Bond (Mary) / Harmen Veerman (Pilate)

2006 Vienna Concert Cast
Rob Fowler (Jesus) / Petr Gazdik (Judas) / Caroline Vasicek (Mary) / Andre Bauer (Pilate)

2007 Argentinian Cast
Gerónimo Rauch (Jesus) / Gorgui Moffat (Judas) / Luli Chouhy (Mary) / Javier Diez (Pilate)

2007 Madrid Cast
Mikel Fernandez (Jesus) / Ignasi Vidal (Judas)

2007 Vienna Concert Cast
Rasmus Borkwoski (Jesus) / Sean Gerard (Judas) / Caroline Vasicek (Mary)
2007.01.13 Farewell Tour Cast, Milwakee, WI
Ted Neeley, Corey Glover, Tiffini Dodson, Jeremey Pasha, Craig Sculli, Larry Alan Coke, Aaron Fuksa

2007.02.05 Farewell Tour Cast, Sewell
Ted Neeley (Jesus) / Corey Glover (Judas) / Tiffini Dodson (Mary) / Darrel R. Whitney (Caiphas u/s)


2007.05.12 Farewell Tour Cast, Greensville, Matinee
Ted Neeley (Jesus) / Matthew Myers (Judas (u/s) / Tiffini Dodson (Mary) / Thomas C. Lash (Pilate)


2007.05.12 Farewell Tour Cast, Greensville, Night
Ted Neeley (Jesus) / Matthew Myers (Judas u/s) / Tiffini Dodson (Mary) / Thomas C. Lash (Pilate)


2008.01.16 Farewell Tour Cast, Salt Lake City, UT
Ted Neeley (Jesus) / Corey Glover (Judas) / Tiffini Dodson (Mary) / Craig Sculli (Pilate)

Lap Dog N' Wild Cat
Anne Mandrella, Drew Sarich
Leading Ladies
2004.06.07 Vienna – Raimund Theater
Leading Ladies:
Maya Hakvoort, Sigrid Hauser, Dagmar Hellberg, Ruth Brauer
Máté Kamarás, Eva Maria Marold, Serkan Kaya, Anne Mandrella, Drew Sarich, Kyrre Kvam
Male Ensemble:
Albert Kessler, Michael Bernhard, Arthur Büscher, Robert D. Marx, Axel Olzinger, Philip Ranson, Markus Simader, Georg Prohazka
Moderator: Alfons Haider
Les Miserábles
1980 Original French Concept Album
Dominique Tirmont, Marie-France Roussel, Jacques Mercier, Rose Laurens, Richard Dewitte, Maryse Cédolin, Maurice Barrier, Michel Sardou, Fabienne Guyon, Yvan Dautin, Fabrice Bernard
1985 Original London Recording Cast
Susan Jane Tanner, Alun Armstrong, David Burt, Clive Carter, Craig Pinder, Ian Tucker, Patti LuPone, Roger Allam, Michael Ball, Rebecca Caine, Zoe Hart, Frances Ruffelle, Colm Wilkinson

1987 Original Broadway Recording Cast
David Bryant, Jennifer Butt, Randy Graff, Michael Maguire, Frances Ruffelle, Colm Wilkinson, Leo Burmester, Braden Danner, Judy Kuhn, Terrence Mann, Donna Vivino
1988 Original Vienna Recording Cast
Susanne Altschul, Jane Comerford, Alexander Diepold, Norbert Lamla, Felix Martin, Reinhard Brussmann, Franz Csencsits, Martina Dorak, Sona MacDonald, Leni Tanzer


1990 Original Swedish Cast
Jonathan Österlund, Maria Simonsson, Ture Rangström, Tommy Körberg, Joakim Jennefors, Richard Carlsohn, Jan Åström, Maria Rydberg, Claes Malmberg, Beatrice Järås, Karin Glenmark, Gunilla Backman



1992 Original Czech Recording Cast
Lucie Bilá, Jesse Web, Helena Vondrácková, Tomás Trapl, Pavel Polák, Mercel Kucera, Katerina Krejcová, Jiri Korn, Radka Jirickova, Jan Jezek, Petra Janú, Karolina Husáková


1992.04.25 UK Tour Cast, Mancester
Jeff Leyton, Phillip Quast, Ria Jones, Meredith Braun, Mike Sterling, Fiona Sinnott, Daniel Coll, Tony Timberlake, Louise Plowright

1993 Original Spanish Recording Cast
Miguel del Arco (Javert) Pedro Ruy Blas (Jean Valjean) Gema Castaño (Fantine) Irina de Felipe (Young Cosette) Carlos Diaz (Gavroche) Francisco La Hoz (Thénardier) Margarita Marbán (Eponine) Carlos Marín (Marius) Connie Philp (Madame Thénardier) Pedro Pomares (Bishop of Digne) Enrique R. del Portal (Enjolras)

1995 10th Anniversary Concert Cast
Alun Armstrong, Hannah Chick, Jenny Galloway, Judy Kuhn, Philip Quast, Adam Searles, David Charles Abell, Michael Ball, Anthony Crivello, Ruthie Henshall, Michael Maguire, Lea Salonga, Colm Wilkinson

1995 Broadway Cast
Catherine Hickland (Fantine), Shanice (Eponine), Tamra Hayden (Cosette), Craig Rubano (Marius)


1998 Complete Symphonic Recording


1998.02.27 London Cast
Stig Rossen (Valjean), Ethan Freeman (Javert), Dianne Pilkington (Fantine), Liz Ewing (Mme Thenardier), Nick Holder (Thenardier), Gemma Wardle (Eponine), Annelene Beechey (Cosette), Graham Mackay-Bruce (Marius), Matthew Cammelle (Enjolras)

1999.02.23 Broadway Cast
Andrew Varela (u/s Valjean), Philip Hernandez (Javert), Alice Ripley (Fantine), Kerry Butler (Eponine), Chris Diamantopoulos (u/s Marius), Gary Mauer (Enjolras), Tobi Foster (Cosette), Fuschia Walker (Madame), J.P. Dougherty (Thenardier)


1999.12.11 London Cast
John Owen-Jones (Valjean), John Stacey (Javert), Gunilla Backman (Fantine), Jane Horn (Eponine), Tom Lucas (Marius), Jaime Farr (u/s Cosette), Mark Powell (u/s Enjolras), Cameron Blakely (Thenardier), Joanna Mays (Mme Thenardier)


2000 Buenos Aires Cast
Pili Artaza (Eponine), Silvia Luchetti (Cosette), Liliana Parafioriti (Madame Thenardier) , Zenon Recalde (Marius), Juan Rodo (Javert), Elena Roger (Fantine), Ruben Roberts (Enjolras), Rodolfo Valss (Thenardier), Carlos Vittori (Jean Valjean).


2001 Polish Cast
Krzysztof Stasierowicz (Valjean), Andrzej ŒledŸ (Javert)


2001.03.03 London Cast
Andrew Morton (u/s), Peter Corry, Jenna Russell, Niklas Andersson, Joanna Ampil, Zoe Curlett, Jason McCann, Barry James, Mandy Holliday


2003 Berlin Cast
Olegg Vynnyk (Vajean), Uwe Kröger (Javert), Ann-Christin Elverum (Fantine), Vera Bolten (Eponine) Valerie Link (Cosette), Heike Schmitz (Mme Thérnadier), Ulrich Wiggers (Thérnadier), Lucius Wolter (Marius,) Martin Pasching(Enjolras)


2003 Japanese Light Blue Cast
Masashiro Takashima, Kenji Sakamoto, Yaka Kohno, Kazutaka Ishii, Miya Setouchi, Hajime Komada, Yohei Izumi, Marcia Anza

2003 Japanese Orange Cast
Yuichiro Yamaguchi, Rena Sasamoto

2003.05.18 Broadway Cast, Closing Night


2004.01.08 Powderham Castle Cast
Nicolas Pound, Fred Johanson, Rebecca Thornhill, Rosie Ashe, Tony Timberlake, Dianne Pilkington (Eponine), Jaime Farr, Ramin Karimloo, David Bardsley, Joshua Haberfield, Emma James

2006.10.08 21st Celebratory Concert Cast, BBC Radio 2
John Owen Jones, Hans Peter Janssens


2006.11.30 Broadway Revival Cast
Alexander Gemignani, Norm Lewis, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Kylie Liya Goldstein, Gary Beach, Jenny Galloway, Jacob Levine, Celia Keenan-Bolger, Ali Ewoldt, Drew Sarich*, Adam Jacobs, Matt Clemens*, James Chip Leonard
Note: First time Drew went on as Enjolras

2007.03.09 Broadway Revival Cast
Alexander Gemignani (Valjean), Norm Lewis (Javert), Lea Salonga (Fantine), Marissa McGowan (u/s Eponine), Adam Jacobs (Marius), Ali Ewoldt (Cosette), Aaron Lazar (Enjolras), James Chip Leonard (u/s Thénardier), Jenny Galloway (Mme. Thénardier), Drew Sarich (Grantaire), Tess Adams (Young Cosette), Jacob Levine (Gavroche)

2007.04.13 Broadway Revival Cast
Alexander Gemignani, Drew Sarich (u/s), Lea Salonga, Mandy Bruno, Adam Jacobs, Ali Ewoldt, Max von Essen, Gary Beach, Ann Harada, Kylie Liya Goldstein, Zach Rand

2007.05.18 Broadway Revival Cast
Alexander Gemignani (Jean Valjean), Drew Sarich (u/s Javert), Lea Salonga (Fantine), Mandy Bruno (Eponine), Doug Kreeger (u/s Marius), Ali Ewoldt (Cosette), Max von Essen (Enjolras), Gary Beach (Thénardier), Ann Harada (Mme Thénardier), Kaylie Rubinaccio (Young Cosette), Zach Rand (Gavroche)


2007.07.26 Broadway Revival Cast
Drew Sarich (Jean Valjean), Robert Hunt (Javert), Lea Salonga (Fantine), Adam Jacobs (Marius), Megan McGinnis (Eponine), Ali Ewoldt (Cosette), Max Von Essen (Enjolras), Chip Zien (Thenardier), Ann Harada (Mme. Thenardier), Michael Minarik (Grantaire), Zach Rand (Gavroche), Kaylie Rubinaccio (Young Cosette)


2007.09.01 Broadway Revival Cast
Drew Sarich (Jean Valjean),  Ben Crawford (u/s Javert), Haviland Stillwell (u/s Fantine), Megan McGinnis (Eponine), Adam Jacobs (Marius), Marissa McGowan (u/s Cosette), Don Brewer (u/s Enjolras), Chip Zien (Thenardier), Ann Harada (Mme Thenardier), Michael Minarik (Grantaire), Stephen Trafton (u/s Foreman/Courfeyrac/Brujon), Anderson Davis (u/s Joly/Major Domo), Q Smith (u/s Factory Girl), Carly Rose Sonenclar (Young Cosette), Zach Rand (Gavroche)

2007.11.22 West End Cast
Drew Sarich (Valjean)

2008.01.01 Broadway Revival Cast
John Owen Jones, Robert Hunt, Judy Kuhn, Megan McGinnis, Leah Horowitz, Adam Jacobs, Max von Essen, Gary Beach, Jenny Galloway



2006.05.28 Broadway Cast, Closing Night
Rachel Coloff, Joseph Dellger, Colleen Fitzpatrick, Roderick Hill, Hugh Panaro, Dominique Plaisant, Drew Sarich, Will Swenson, Carolee Carmello, Nikki Renée Daniels, Allison Fischer, Michael Genet, Patrick Mellen, Chris Peluso, Megan Reinking, Jim Stanek, Tommar Wilson



Little Shop Of Horror

2003 Broadway Revival Recording Cast
Rob Bartlett, Hunter Foster, Trisha Jeffrey, Douglas Sills, Kerry Butler, Carla J. Hargrove, DeQuina Moore, Michael-Leon Wooley



Musical Couples And Friends

2003.08.04 Vienna
Anne Mandrella, Drew Sarich, Pethon Quirante


Phantom Of The Opera
1989 Original Canadian Cast
Rebecca Caine, Gregory Cross, Kristina Marie Guiguet, Byron Nease, Colm Wilkinson, Peter Cormican, Lyse Guérin, Paul Massel, Donna Rubin
2000 Spanish Cast
Camilo Sesto (Phantom)


200x Hungarian Recording Cast
2006.02.07 Las Vegas Cast
Korean Cast Recording
Romeo And Juliet
Terrance Mann's Demos 
She Loves Me

1996 Original Vienna Cast
Julius Arends, René Rumpold, Nico Rabenald, Alexander M. Helmer, Peter Faerber, Ines Bari, Valentin Zahn, Christine Rothacker, Frank-Heiko Lohmann, Tamas Ferkay, Leopold Dallinger

Sweeney Todd 
1979 Original Broadway Cast
Richard Warren Pugh, Sarah Rice, Edmund Lyndeck, Merle Louise, Frank Kopyc, Ken Jennings, Skip Harris, Victor Garber, Len Cariou, Joaquín Romaguera, Robert Ousley, Craig Lucas, Angela Lansbury, Betsy Joslyn, Eric Jennings, Cris Groenendaal, Jack Eric Williams

1980 National Touring Cast
Cris Groenendaal, Angela Lansbury, Calvin Remsberg, Ken Jennings, Spain Logue, Michael Kalinyen, George Hearn, Edmund Lyndeck, Betsy Joslyn, Sal Mistretta, Walter Charles

1995 Barcelona Cast
Teresa Vallicrosa, Muntsa Rius, Pedro Pomares, Vicky Peña, Pep Molina, Joe Luciano Garrigo, Constantino Romero, Xavier Ribera-Vall, M. Josep Peris, Jordi Muixi, Oriol Genís, Esteve Ferrer

1995 Sweeney Todd Goes Jazz
Terry Trotter Trio

1999.03.xx LA Reprise

2000 Sweeney Todd at the New York Philharmonic
John Aler, James Bassi, Davis Gaines, George Hearn, Audra McDonald, Stanford Olsen, Paul Plishka, Neil Patrick Harris, Frank Barr, Tania Batson, Heidi Grant Murphy, Patti LuPone, Jacqueline Pierce, Lewis White, New York Choral Artists

2002.06.06 Kennedy Center
Mary Beth Peil, Walter Charles, Steven Goldstein, Kevin Ligon, Mark Price, Christine Baranski, Ray Friedeck, Celia Keenan-Bolger, Hugh Panaro, Brian Stokes Mitchell

2005 Broadway Revival Recording Cast
Patti LuPone, Benjamin Magnuson, Mark Jacoby, Manoel Felciano, Michael Cerveris, Lauren Molina, Donna Lynne Champlin, Alexander Gemignani, Diana DiMarzio, John Arbo

2006.08.08 Revival Tour Cast
Jessica Wright, Benjamin Magnuson, David Hess, Winter Elisa, Bagnell Edmun, Keith Buterbaugh, John Arbo, Katrina Yaukey, Lauren Molina, Judy Kaye, David Garry, Cahill Edwin, Diana DiMarzio, Eakeley Benjamin

2007 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Sacha Baron Cohen, Peter Bowles, Antho Head, Timothy Spall, Helena Bonham Carter, Johnny Depp, Alan Rickman

The Little Mermaid
2008 Original London Cast 
Music Behind The Magic
The Lord Of The Rings
2008 Original London Cast
The Scarlet Pimpernel
1997 Original Broadway Recording Cast
The Three Musketeers
Original Dutch Recording Cast
Tick, Tick... Boom!
2005 London Cast
Neil Patrick Harris, Tee Jaye, Cassidy Janson
The Who's Tommy
2002 Amstetten Cast
Steven Seale, Drew Sarich
We Will Rock You
2002 Original London Cast
Tony Vincent, Alexander Hanson, Kerry Ellis, Sharon D. Clarke, Nigel Planer, Hannah Jane Fox, Nigel Clauzel

2003.02.11 London Cast
Nigel Planer (Pop),  Alexander Hanson (Khashoggi),  Tony Vincent (Galileo) Hannah Jane Fox (Scaramouche), Sharon D. Clarke (Killer Queen) Kerry Ellis (Meat) Nigel Cauzel (Britney) Luke Baxter (Big Macca) Mazz Murray (Teacher)

2004 Madrid Recording Cast


2003.12.21 Broadway Cast


2004.03.13 Broadway Cast
Idina Menzel (Elphaba), Laura Bell Bundy* (Glinda), Norbert Leo Butz (Fiyero), Joel Grey (The Wizard), Carole Shelley (Madame Morrible), Cristy Candler* (Nessarose), Christopher Fitzgerald (Boq)


2004.07.25 Broadway Cast


2005.10.07 Tour Cast Dallas
Kendra Kassebaum, Stephanie J. Block, Jenna Leigh Green, Carol Kane, Logan Lipton, Timothy Briteen Parker, Derrick Williams, David Garrison


2005.11.05 Backstage Tour Cast


2006.03.22 Broadway Cast
Eden Espinosa, Megan Hilty, Derrick Williams, Ben Vereen, Carol Kane, Jenna Leigh Green, Robb Sapp, Sean McCourt


2006.10.20 Tour Cast
Shoshana Bean (Elphaba), Megan Hilty (Glinda), Cliffton Hall (Fiyero), Alma Cuervo (Morrible), P.J Benjamin (Wizard), Jennifer Waldman (Nessarose), Josh Laman (Boq), *Christopher Russo* (Dillamond)


2006.11.15 London Cast Matinee


2007 Original German Recording Cast


2007.03.14 Broadway Cast


2007.03.20 Broadway Cast
Julia Murney, Kendra Kassebaum


2007.03.23 Chicago Cast
Dee Roscioli, Erin Mackey, Rondi Reed, Gene Weygandt, Nicholas Belton, Heidi Kettenring, Adam Fleming, K. Todd Freeman


2007.03.24 Broadway Tour Cast (Matinee)
Victoria Matlock (Elphaba), Christina DeCicco (Galinda), Cliffton Hall (Fiyero), Barbara Tirrell (Madame Morrible), P.J. Benjamin (The Wizard), Josh Lamon (Boq), Deedee Magno Hall (Nessarose), Tom Flynn (Doctor Dillamond)


2007.06.28 Broadway Tour Cast, Philadelphia

Victoria Matlock, Coleen Sexton and Christina Decicco (Coleen takes Victoria's place halfway through dancing through life.)

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